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Pleasure and desire
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Shared pleasure

One of the secrets to a lasting and mutually fulfilled relationship is the shared pleasure a couple experiences in their sex life. There are many things a couple can do to spice up or deepen their sexual relationship, from working on their lovemaking to finding other ways of pleasuring their partner. Doctissimo's got a few ideas on the subject!

  • Erogenous zone guide

    A 10-point guide to erogenous zones

    Erogenous zones. Just thinking about those two tantalising words is enough to turn you on! And that's because, even though we're dealing with bits of the body, sexual arousal begins in the brain.
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  • Breasts and pleasure

    Breasts: handle with care for guaranteed pleasure

    The majority of women love having their breasts fondled. But there's one important rule: be gentle and handle them with care. Few women enjoy having their breasts pinched, pummelled or bitten.
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  • Loving massage

    Massage: sharing loving caresses

    The tender loving touches, exchanged between lovers, form the basis of any loving and sexual relationship. However, few couples take time to caress their partner, or to be caressed, and to reconnect with their sensuality.
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  • Your erogenous body

    When the entire body is an erogenous zone ...

    As we all know, most sexual pleasure is generally derived from stimulation of the genitals; but remember, the entire male or female body is a potential erogenous zone. Sexual pleasure can thus originate from many different places, and can involve all the senses.
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  • False foreplay ideas

    False ideas about foreplay

    Foreplay – the fun and frolic meant to sexually arouse before actual intercourse – remains the objet of rumour and disagreement. Esteemed by some, rushed by others... considered essential if you read the books, seen as boring by more than a few, foreplay definitely deserves a bit of our time...
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  • Sex: what men really want!

    Sex: what men really want!

    Desire, pleasure, fantasy... men’s sexuality operates in a way that many women would love to understand a little better. So what do men really want?
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  • Sex: Should I be more open?

    Sex: Should I be Open to Everything?

    This is a question that is asked most often by women. When faced with different sexual acts which might repel or disgust them (mostly fellatio and anal sex), should they give in to their partners’ desires? In the name of love, should women be open to everything? And what if, as often happens, one...
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  • Making love is healthy!

    Making love is good for your health!

    As well as the intense pleasure of orgasms, having a bit of fun between the sheets can also be good for your health. Making love could extend life expectancy and prevent cardiac problems and even certain cancers. Read on to find out how sexual pleasure equals a healthy body!
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  • Please your man

    How to please your man

    If you’re hot for him, let your man come and singe his wings on your flame in a night of mad passion. For this, all you need to know is what turns him on, and our expert in sexual pleasure, Gérard Leleu is here to reveal all! Read up on how to please your man.
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  • Sex is something you learn

    Philippe Brenot : "Sex is something you learn"

    The whole world talks about sex. We are not short of information on it and the media is overflowing with articles and reports on “risqué” subjects. However, our knowledge often relies on preconceived ideas which can put our love lives in danger! Philippe Brenot, psychiatrist, anthropologist and...
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  • Friends with Benefits

    Friends with benefits: a closer look

    The fuck buddy is a new trend in sexual relationships adopted exclusively by women, often with urban lifestyles. The idea is to have regular sexual relations with no strings attached with the same person whose sole purpose is to maximise your climax! Here, Alain Héril, a sex therapist, decodes...
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  • Workplace sex is fun

    Workplace sex is fun

    How many of you have had love relationships with colleagues at work? How many of you made it from a simple flirt to passionate embraces on the photocopier? And how many have gone as far as to make their affair official by marrying each other? A survey carried out by the now defunct NewWoman...
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  • Am I an expert in pleasure?

    Are we all experts on pleasure?

    Was it good for you? This is often the question at the heart of sexual relationships. Pleasure is a psycho-physiological phenomenon which is not innate in us. Here, Marie-Hélène Sourd, psychotherapist and co-organiser of women’s groups centred on femininity and sexuality, explains the key to...
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  • The lowdown on oral sex

    The lowdown on oral sex

    Little treats offered through love, for pleasure or in order to feel closer to someone, cunnilingus and fellatio are on the menu for many when it comes to sex nowadays. Around six in ten Brits have a taste for these sensual pleasures.
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  • Is the financial crisis ruining your sex life?

    Is the financial crisis ruining your sex life?

    According to new research in seven European countries, there's a link between economic performance and performance in the bedroom. Do we really let the financial crisis affect our sex lives?
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  • Mini break, maxi pleasure: The perfect romantic getaway

    Mini break, maxi pleasure: The perfect romantic getaway

    Whether you’ve been together for five minutes or five decades, a mini-break is the chance to have each other all to yourselves. Relationship counsellor Florence Escaravage brings us her expert tips on making your romantic getaway one to remember.
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  • Spice up your sex life with forfeits

    Spice up your sex life with forfeits

    There's a new trend for erotic forfeits. Expert Marc Dannam takes us through some of the most risqué punishments to spice up your sex life and broaden your horizons!
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  • Lighten up for a better sex life

    Lighten up for a better sex life

    Sex has become a serious subject in today’s society, but having a laugh is essential for your sex drive. Get the lowdown on learning to laugh about sex.
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  • New Year’s resolutions for your love life

    New Year’s resolutions for your love life

    New Year is the time for good resolutions: quit smoking, start going to the gym, lose weight... but what about your love life? Here’s a list of resolutions to help you find love and keep the passion alive!
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  • Why do we get sexually frustrated?

    Why do we get sexually frustrated?

    "Was it good for you?" Sometimes all the elements seem to be there, but you’re still dissatisfied with your sex life. Expert Dr. Sylvain Mimoun why tells us more about sexual frustration.
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  • What she really means when she says 'no' to sex

    What she really means when she says 'no' to sex

    “Not tonight honey, I’ve got a migraine...” Sound familiar? Hidden beneath this all-too-typical excuse are many reasons why women refuse sex – evidence of a common sexual disconnect between partners that can put the relationship in jeopardy. In order to understand and remedy this divide, we turn...
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  • Snuggling: The new foreplay

    Snuggling: The new foreplay

    Snuggling is the key to sexual pleasure! French sex expert Gérard Leleu has written a new manifesto examining the effect caresses can have on the body and arousal. Read on to discover how to stimulate your senses to spice things up between the sheets....
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