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The Side-saddle ride

There are two ways of riding a horse: you can either straddle it or sit side-saddle. The side-saddle position is particularly suited to high-class feminine women who wore their flowing robes, even while horse-riding. Now, how about making this into a sexual position?

The side-saddle riding
© Alejandro Rodriguez

In the Side-saddle position, the man lies on his back while his partner sits on his groin with both legs together on one side. She props herself on her hands on the opposite side of his body and allows penetration by shifting herself slowly up and down.

The curve of the penis is not quite aligned with the vagina, which is both an advantage and a drawback. It’s a drawback because a rough thrust could painfully twist the man’s penis and penetration can only be smooth if the woman’s vagina is moist enough. The advantage is, however, when the lovers undulate their bodies gently, they’ll experience a great kind of friction and surprising sensations.

The man can use one of his free hands to caress his partner’s bottom, hips and back, the other to caress the front and back of her thighs, her pubis, stomach and clitoris. The position of the two bodies and the availability of the man’s hands allow him to caress his partner in a great variety of ways. The woman also has a part to play: how far she widens her legs determines how deep penetration is, and how good it feels.

Couples rarely sustain the Side-saddle position until orgasm. Most of the time, they keep it up for a while and then change to a position that involves closer body contact and a greater sense of togetherness.

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