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The Secret offering

She appears torn between the desire to offer herself and the fear of appearing immodest; she wants to keep her treasure, her special offering, secret. But a slight shift in movement on her part, a barely perceptible change in position, leads her lover to new and unexpected discoveries.

The Secret offering
© Alejandro Rodriguez

In the Secret offering position, the woman lies in a familiar position, on her side, with her legs outstretched. She bends her upper leg, bringing her knee up towards her chest. Thus, she discretely offers herself for penetration in a position that produces unique sensations.

The man is seduced by his lover's invitation; he kneels down, straddling her straightened leg, and then leans forward, resting his hands either side of his partner's body.

Penetration is sideways on and produces quite different sensations for both the vagina and penis when compared to face-to-face or rear penetration. Provided he is sufficiently strong, the man will have ample time to enjoy the slow, thrusting movements. He can experiment with the new sensations the position offers, further enhancing the lovers' pleasure. If he tires, however, there are a variety of other positions where he can rest his arms, before he continues to rediscover those deliciously addictive sexual sensations.

This position allows for little bodily contact between the lovers but they can gaze upon each other, delighting in their mutual desire. They can also exchange glances and kisses. The woman can forget about everything else and just focus on, and enjoy, the sexual sensations.

The woman can even vary the position by lifting her free thigh and resting her leg against the man's hip. This produces a slight rotation of the pelvis, which alters the angle of penetration and the intensity. It's an exciting sexual game that can be endlessly repeated.

The Secret offering is not a dramatic position but it is guaranteed to delight and overwhelm the woman who knows how to offer and the man who agrees to receive.

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