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The Rocking chair

Let’s face it, the sight of your grandmother knitting in a rocking chair really is not sexually exciting. Yet this chair could give you new ideas worth exploring. If you’re supple enough, eager for adventure and powerful sensations, you and your partner should definitely try the rocking chair position, in which the woman is completely in charge while the man urges her on by tenderly kissing her back.

The Rocking chair
© Alejandro Rodriguez

As is the case with a rocking chair, achieving a perfect balance is difficult in this position, which compels the two lovers to give up control and to abandon themselves to pleasure.

The woman is half-seated and leans slightly forward with her legs apart and her back to her lover. She holds his ankles for balance while he wraps his arms around her. This way, the couple can maintain their balance but, even so, penetration remains tricky. In the rocking chair position, the woman takes full charge.

Penetration and rhythm are entirely up to her. She has more scope for movement than her partner but she can’t use her hands. The man can visually enjoy his sweetheart’s back and kiss it all over, making the rocking chair an interesting way to discover neglected body parts. The back can actually be a very sensitive area provided you take proper care of it.

Still in the same position, the man can sit up a bit and alter his posture so as to reach the nape of his darling’s neck. He can hold her in position with both hands and, every so often, let go to caress her hips, legs and breasts, thereby spurring her into giving them both ever more pleasure.

While the man will certainly be thankful for her sweetheart’s efforts, she probably won’t enjoy it as much with a stiff or painful back. So, be warned: the rocking chair is less relaxing than it looks. 

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