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The Reverse lotus position

The Reverse lotus position is one of several variations described in the “Perfumed Garden”[1] by Cheikh Nefzawi and is recommended to men with a small penis.

The Reverse lotus position
© Alejandro Rodriguez

It is said that when Ulysses’ men tasted the lotus fruit they forgot their homeland.  But history doesn’t tell us anything about the true nature of the magic fruit offered by the Lotphagi[2].  If for you, the lotus conjures up the troubling world of sex, forget about your worries and succumb instead to the pleasure of this magical fruit.

The woman lies on her back with her thighs apart.  She holds her ankles and lifts her pelvis as if to do a backward roll.  In the Reverse lotus position, which requires some flexibility, her vagina is raised and wide open, ready for her partner.

The man puts his hands either side of his partner’s head, kneels over her and penetrates her easily.  If he wants to he can vary the rhythm of his thrusting; sometimes slow and soft, sometimes fast. His uses his penis like a pencil, creating mysterious, hidden landscapes inside the woman. The man calls the shots, varying his movements, sometimes thrusting deeply, sometimes superficially, for their mutual pleasure. In this position, he is able to move his pelvis freely and to prolong the sexual act, but must attend to making his partner as comfortable as possible, carefully supporting her buttocks with his thighs.

By controlling the penetration, the man can give the woman a more varied orgasm. His pelvis stimulates her vulva and clitoris; his penis, rubbing against the sensitive vaginal entrance arouses her further; and his sexual games, slowing down, stopping only to quickly start again make her moan with pleasure. 

The woman has all the time she needs to reach orgasm.  Although passive -- she has to stay in the same position -– she will appreciate the varied rhythms and sensations of the tender, Reverse lotus encounter.



[1] The Perfumed Garden:  an erotic essay, written in 1510 by Cheikh Nefzawi for the great Vizier of Tunisia.  It describes, humorously and poetically, many positions for lovemaking, as well as the physiology and characteristics of male and female genitalia.

[2] Lotophiagi: mythical race of people, described by Homer in the Odyssey, whose name means  “lotus eaters”

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