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The Lazy boy

The lazy boy position lends itself to endless sexual scenarios for both partners. In this position, the woman does all the work, showing her love to her man, who completely abandons himself to her.

The lazy boy
© Alejandro Rodriguez

Pleasure sometimes lies in lazily surrendering to a zealous lover, in this case the woman. The lazy boy position, where the woman is in charge, allows her a great variety of erotic play. It can either be performed as a prelude to, or maintained up until orgasm.

The man lies back with his legs over the edge of the bed and his feet on the floor. His partner sits astride him, with her back to him and her legs on the floor. She controls the movement with her legs wide open so she can also play with her clitoris and stimulate the man’s anus. The woman is completely in charge and uses her hands as she pleases. This position offers the man a nice view of his darling, whom he can caress with his free hands. 

The woman is now ready to yield to her lover’s caresses. She leans back and props herself up on both hands, thereby allowing the man to run his hands over her breasts, stomach and clitoris. For greater stimulation, she can sit back up, pushing with her hands on her knees. With its inexhaustible array of possibilities, the lazy boy position is a never-ending source of sexual pleasure.

In this position, the woman discovers many ways of pleasing her lazy sweetheart, using her imagination and skills to demonstrate her love. The man returns these favours by switching to a different Kama Sutra position, in which he can gratify his lover with the same sort of pleasure.

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