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Kama Sutra
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The Frog

The position of the frog is highly intimate. The pleasure is enhanced both by the close physical contact and the woman’s efforts. In this Kama Sutra position, the woman calls the shots: she sits between her lover’s legs and controls the penetration while enjoying his caresses.

The Frog
© Alejandro Rodriguez

The man sits on the edge of the bed (or on a chair) with his feet on the floor, preferably with his back propped against something. The woman sits between his legs, bends her knees up into a frog-like pose with her back to her partner and then moves to sit on top of her lover’s erect penis. Both lovers are now very close.

In this position, the woman looks like a frog about to leap and can move easily. She is the one doing the back-and-forth motion by supporting herself on her hands and legs. Such deep penetration requires that the woman be in control of it. Considering that the man’s penis is oriented towards her G-spot, the woman’s chances of reaching an intense orgasm are much higher in this position.

To further increase the likelihood of a sensational peak, the man can also caress his partner’s clitoris and accompany her moves by lifting up her bottom, thereby facilitating and deepening penetration. The woman can also touch her clitoris to enhance her pleasure.

The woman may at some point find this position tiring, so it’s up to her how long she maintains it. However, tremendous pleasure can be derived from the frog position, especially for the woman who will most certainly reach orgasm.

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