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The Double-headed beast

There is a time for passion and a time for playing. When it comes to sex, both can and should be combined! If your sex life is becoming monotonous and you keep doing the same positions over and over again, now may be the time to rekindle desire and try amusing positions.

The Double-headed beast
© Alejandro Rodriguez

The double-headed beast is one of the positions that best encourages lovers to play with their bodies. Don’t shy away from this kind of pleasure, as it will certainly spark your curiosity for new sexual adventures and unexpected sensations.

The two lovers are in reversed positions, so that physical contact is limited to their sexual organs. Foreplay, and more particularly the colloquially named “sixty-nine”, are therefore recommended prior to this position. By simultaneously stimulating each other, the lovers enjoy the intimate contact and stimulation of their bodies while preparing for more.

When the couple can no longer hold back their sexual desire, the man moves into a position on all fours, while the woman positions herself behind him on her back and props her buttocks on a pillow in an effort to raise her pelvis up a bit. Then, she lifts her legs up over her chest and parts them, thereby temptingly opening her vagina. She rests her arms across the bed and relaxes her body. The man now proceeds to walk back on all fours toward his partner until she can get a hold of his erect member.

As she seizes his penis, the man stretches both arms out in front of him and rests his head on the bed like a cat stretching. His feet are now on either side of his partner and his bottom tilted upwards over her. The woman runs the tip of her darling’s penis gently over the outer lips of her vagina before guiding it into her vagina, at which point she lets the man take over. 

In the double-headed beast position, the man doesn’t have a great deal of leeway. If he moves too much, his penis could slip out of its comfortable nest. Therefore, he needs to slightly undulate his pelvis up, down, back and forth. Should the woman crave more contact, she can caress her clitoris and play with her lover’s testicles as he continues penetration. The woman will find the apparent “extension” of her own body with that of her lover peculiar and amusing, while the combination of vaginal and clitoris-induced pleasure will surely bring her a terrific orgasm.

The man may find the double-headed beast position a little frustrating as it prevents him from visually enjoying his partner’s body but he should use the occasion to play out his fantasies and concentrate more closely on the pleasure of penetration. It’s up to you and your partner when you conclude the lovemaking in a posture that makes more room for tenderness and body contact.

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