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The Doggy position

The Doggy position is the subject of many fantasies. Favoured by four-legged mammals, it has strong animal associations and provokes extreme reactions: it can be simultaneously attractive and repellent.

The Doggy position
© Alejandro Rodriguez

Many people enjoy this ambiguity for it’s a little known fact that the combination of desire and a little pinch of fear can be a source of unexpected and intense sexual pleasure

Some women don’t like to have their back to their partners; they like to face them, to be able to see them.  Others feel liberated from their partner’s gaze particularly if he’s always watching them to see if they’re aroused. In the Doggy, the woman can let go, abandoning herself to pleasure, without having to worry about her appearance.  In fact, when you’re not face to face, it’s often easier to focus on your own enjoyment because you don’t have to think about how you look.  

Many women do enjoy being on all fours, and she may also kneel with her chest or her head on the bed.  Of course, if you want to escape the bedroom, you could always use the sofa, or any other item of furniture for that matter, providing it’s the right height.  The woman may enjoy being passive or, swaying her body gently, she may prefer to move in time to her partner’s thrusts, intensifying the sexual excitement.  She’ll also like the fact that her clitoris is easy to stimulate in the Doggy position.

Men like to admire the woman’s body in this position: the defined waist, the flattering view of the hips and particularly the buttocks, an erotic feature peculiar to humans (female monkeys don’t have them!)  Grasping her hips, or caressing her buttocks, the man penetrates between her fleshy mounds, gazing on them admiringly throughout.

Penetration is not as deep in this position, as the woman’s buttocks can prevent the man from getting up close.  But, it can be enjoyable especially if the man has a long penis.  The angle of penetration compensates for the lack of depth, producing a more intense pleasure for both man and woman.

Overall, the Doggy can be very sexually liberating: you can indulge your fantasies while enjoying the sensation of penetration and skin-to-skin contact.    

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