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The 69er

The head-to-toe 69er position, perfectly illustrated by the number 6 and 9 written side by side, is probably the most imaginative of the sexual positions. This is because there is neither anal nor vaginal penetration. Instead, the couple achieves sexual union through oral-genital stimulation.

The 69er
© Alejandro Rodriguez

In fact, there are three different possible configurations for the 69: the man lying on his back and the woman on top; the woman lying beneath the man, or both lying on their sides. If a homosexual couple, in a horizontal 69, were to swap places the formation would remain the same but it would feel rather different.

In theory, there's nothing to stop a supple, athletic couple from trying this in a standing position, the man upright, holding his partner against him. But it's important to be sensible as this is a challenging position and the risk of injury considerable. So for most of us this will have to remain a fantasy!

In most illustrations of the 69er position, the man is shown lying comfortably on his back, with the woman on all fours above him. She lets him kiss and caress her with his tongue and mouth. Sometimes she shifts her pelvis repositioning herself to vary the contact, increasing the friction and intensity. The man's hands are free to caress her buttocks and her back or to guide her hips, enhancing her pleasure.

The woman kisses the man's penis, or caresses it with her lips and tongue. She may just kiss the head or take the whole penis into her mouth, circling it with wide licks. She can keep her head directly over the penis, holding it erect, or turn her head to the side, resting it on his abdomen, thigh or groin.

The provocative nature of the 69er position and mutual pleasure it provides add to the sexual excitement. Some people prefer to enjoy cunnilingus or fellatio separately and find it difficult to focus on their own pleasure when they are pleasuring someone else. It's all a question of taste. The couple needs to be honest about the kind of oral sex they enjoy if they are to satisfy their own sexual appetites.

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