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Sitting down Kama Sutra positions

The Kama Sutra's sitting down positions offer variety, spice and amazing sensations. The majority of these sitting positions offer moments of close face-to-face intimacy and you can both enjoy the full look and touch of each other. Try them out and see for yourselves.

  • Gentleman at the helm

    Gentleman at the helm

    The Gentleman at the helm position is particularly recommended for women who prefer to be passive and like being pinned down. In this position, the woman is well placed to enjoy the view of her handsome, forceful lover.
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  • The Acrobat

    The Acrobat

    Even a simple chair can stir the imagination of sexually adventurous couples. Seasoned lovers know it: the acrobat position is especially tricky and only those supple enough can comfortably execute it. Their efforts are rewarded with close contact and deep pleasure.
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  • The Andromaque

    The Andromaque

    It was said by the ancient Greeks that Andromaque, the wife of Homer’s great hero, Hector, used to “ride her husband.” And they told how “behind closed doors, Phrygian slaves masturbated whenever Andromaque rode Hector’s horse.” Thus did the Greek lovers make it acceptable for the woman to get on top, dominating the man and controlling the lovemaking.
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  • The Boat

    The Boat

    Boat and river go together like a horse and carriage, forming a perfect union. In this Boat position, the lovers learn to coordinate their movements; but, for once, they must do so without eye contact. Their encounter may be dangerous but the journey is always satisfying.
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  • The Chimpanzee

    The Chimpanzee

    The chimpanzee position, like the wheelbarrow, is without a doubt among the Kama Sutra’s trickiest. Yet it is also a great way to try a couple’s dexterity and courage. Not everyone can perform this primal position, but the extraordinary pleasure it brings makes it well worth trying.
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  • The Compass

    The Compass

    There are actually some positions in the Kama Sutra in which the man sits on top of the woman with his legs apart. One such position is called the Compass. So open up your horizons…
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  • The Double swing

    The Double swing

    Up, down, up, down… Remember the double swing you use to ride with your chums as a child? Now you can turn this childhood game into a sexual adventure and you’ll be on cloud nine.
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  • The Ecstatic dance

    The Ecstatic dance

    Dancing has a way of arousing sexual desire. New lovers, for instance, may be tempted to caress and explore each other’s bodies while dancing together. Erotic memories of your partner moving to the sound and rhythm of music inspire this Kama Sutra position, which prolongs the party late into the night. The only difference between the regular doggie-style position and the wild choreography of the ecstatic dance is the tempo.
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  • Epicure

    The Epicure

    In ancient Greece, Epicure favoured the simplicity of everyday pleasures over greed and excessive luxury. Today’s lovers can now put this philosophy into practice. In the Epicure position, the man comfortably enjoys his partner’s moves and shows his gratitude by returning her favours.
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  • The Frog

    The Frog

    The position of the frog is highly intimate. The pleasure is enhanced both by the close physical contact and the woman’s efforts. In this Kama Sutra position, the woman calls the shots: she sits between her lover’s legs and controls the penetration while enjoying his caresses.
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  • The lazy boy

    The Lazy boy

    The lazy boy position lends itself to endless sexual scenarios for both partners. In this position, the woman does all the work, showing her love to her man, who completely abandons himself to her.
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  • The Lotus

    The Lotus

    In the Lotus position, the lovers sit facing each other, making it ideal for caressing, kissing and tenderness. Kalyanamalla, the author of the erotic Indian text, the Anangaranga, has described it as "the preferred sexual position of lovers". What do you think?
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  • The Passionate swing

    The Passionate swing

    If you have ever contemplated turning innocent children’s games into erotic adventures or thought of the swing as a support for lovemaking, you’ll certainly love this position.
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  • The Pestle

    The Pestle

    The Pestle position is difficult for men but it certainly does make sex more imaginative. One might even say magical. Inspired by the rhythmic pounding of the mortar and pestle - a traditional grinding technique used for thousands of years -- the Kama sutra goes back in time to rediscover ancient, authentic sexual practices.
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  • The Phoenix of joy

    The Phoenix of joy

    In the Phoenix of joy position, the lovers are seated face to face, giving them greater freedom to explore each other's bodies, which adds variety to the sexual act.
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  • The Reclining chair

    The Reclining chair

    A comfortable reclining chair is essential to the perfect summer holiday. It’s also a lot more comfortable than the sexual position of the same name. But the pleasure that the Reclining chair position offers, particularly to the woman, exceeds all expectations. So why don’t you try this difficult but intoxicating position?
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  • The Rocking chair

    The Rocking chair

    Let’s face it, the sight of your grandmother knitting in a rocking chair really is not sexually exciting. Yet this chair could give you new ideas worth exploring. If you’re supple enough, eager for adventure and powerful sensations, you and your partner should definitely try the rocking chair position, in which the woman is completely in charge while the man urges her on by tenderly kissing her back.
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  • The Rowing boat

    The Rowing boat

    According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty embodying feminine sensuality, was taken to the island of Cythera after she was born from the sea foam. Now, how would you and your partner like setting off on a similar voyage to Cythera? A few rowing movements is all it takes to get to the island of infinite pleasure.
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  • The side-saddle riding

    The Side-saddle ride

    There are two ways of riding a horse: you can either straddle it or sit side-saddle. The side-saddle position is particularly suited to high-class feminine women who wore their flowing robes, even while horse-riding. Now, how about making this into a sexual position?
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  • The Slipknot

    The Slipknot

    Get ready for the ultimate sex experience! This is the Kama Sutra’s trickiest and most beautiful position. The slipknot ties the two lovers together in an unforgettable and passionate embrace.
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  • The Snake charmer

    The Snake charmer

    There is nothing like the Kama Sutra to cure temporary impotence. The snake charmer is one of the best positions to help the man regain his sexual vigour and reassert his control over the woman, who will love how wonderfully varied this position can be.
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  • The Stay-at-home

    The Stay-at-home

    In this position the woman moves her pelvis while the man follows, trying to keep his penis inside her; in other words, trying to "Stay at home".
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  • The Swing

    The Swing

    No need to buy any particular equipment for this swing. Just rock to the tune of fond childhood memories!
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  • The Tender lover

    The Tender lover

    Sexual positions are all about the art of combining pleasure and intimacy. For a couple, the tender lover position fits the bill, with close body contact, deep penetration and moments of intimate affection during which love and physical pleasure become one.
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