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Head over heels

If you and your partner are head over heels in love, it may be worth exploring the literal sense of this expression and turn your love for each other into yet another acrobatic sex game.

Head over heels
© Alejandro Rodriguez

Being – literally – head over heels takes a good deal of physical effort, especially for the woman, who needs strong abs.

Start by laying a thick rug or a comfortable duvet flat on the floor. The woman keeps a pair of light pants on, such as pyjamas, and while sitting on the rug, rolls them all the way down to her parted ankles, so that her heels are covered. She then bends all the way down and slips her head underneath her pants, between her feet. The man now seizes his partner’s legs and carefully rolls her over onto her back, so that she’s now effectively “head over heels”.

The woman holds her feet as close to her head as possible, on either side of it. Her buttocks should be very slightly tilted upwards. A very supple woman may even succeed in putting her feet behind her head without the help of pants. In this position, the woman’s vagina is easily accessible to the man, who can either kneel in front of his partner and start penetrating her right away, or begin by orally stimulating her.

In this case, he’ll need to kneel over his lover’s head, facing her bottom, and beware not to take his weight on her. He lets his lips and tongue roam delicately over her clitoris and vaginal lips down to her perineum. This area, located between the vagina and anus, is loaded with nerve endings and therefore highly sensitive. The rubbing of the man’s buttocks, testicles and penis against the woman’s stomach and thighs also provides both lovers enormous pleasure.

Then the man reverts to his initial kneeling position, facing the woman, and inserts his penis easily and deeply into the woman’s vagina. Deepness of penetration is the chief advantage of this position, which, on the downside, makes it difficult for fondling. Owing to the stimulation, the woman’s vagina is open and moist, which facilitates penetration and produces wonderful sensations of smoothness for both partners. The rhythm increases with the soaring pleasure, until climax.

If the woman finds the head over heels position too difficult to maintain, she can disengage her legs, rest them on the man’s shoulders and continue the lovemaking in this more comfortable posture.

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