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Acrobatic Kama Sutra positions

For the more adventurous lovers out there, try out some of the Kama Sutra's acrobatic positions. These positions are not really for your couch potato types, but if you are a bit sporty, have supple limbs and like to take some risks in your lovemaking, then they are for you. Take care, you may need to warm up first!

  • The Acrobat

    The Acrobat

    Even a simple chair can stir the imagination of sexually adventurous couples. Seasoned lovers know it: the Acrobat position is especially tricky and only those supple enough can comfortably execute it. Their efforts are rewarded with close contact and deep pleasure.
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  • The Aurora boreal

    The Aurora boreal

    In the Odyssey, when Homer described, "the rose-fingered dawn," was he thinking about the sensuality that emanates from a woman emerging from sleep?
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  • The Bridge

    The Bridge

    The bridge is both a fragile and challenging position but is definitely worth a try for insatiable and adventurous lovers. This amusing and highly original erotic game is primarily meant for sex pros, athletes and acrobats.
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  • The Cannonball

    The Cannonball

    Some men relish the notion of being love warriors. By turning lovemaking into a kind of confrontation, they force women into all manner of challenging yet highly erotic positions, and find themselves incredibly turned on by a sense of potency.
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  • The Galloping horse

    The Galloping horse

    Though the galloping horse position makes hugging or caressing each other difficult, the two lovers derive tremendous pleasure from this intimate embrace, in which it’s not always clear who’s in charge.
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  • The Magic chair

    The Magic chair

    A chair is a versatile piece of furniture that can spice up your sex life in a variety of ways. Find out for yourselves by trying out the magical Magic chair position.
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  • The Novice

    The Novice

    The Novice position is best described as man’s introduction ceremony to pleasure as he will be totally in charge. Indeed, the woman has no choice but to abandon herself to her lover, who, through this Kama Sutra position, will learn to become an expert lover.
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  • The Reverse lotus position

    The Reverse lotus position

    The Reverse lotus position is one of several variations described in the “Perfumed Garden”[1] by Cheikh Nefzawi and is recommended to men with a small penis.
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  • The Rutting deer

    The Rutting deer

    Bring out the animal in you with the rutting deer position! However difficult it might be at first, this position is ideal if you’re eager for wild sex. The rutting deer provides limited contact but is a perfect outlet for those who want to follow their instincts and travel back to wilder times.
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  • The Splits

    The Splits

    Whenever geometry merges with the art of lovemaking, pleasure and fancy are to be expected. In the splits position, angles and measurements determine the intensity of pleasure. Try this breathtaking choreography and release your sexual imagination!
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  • The Tigress

    The Tigress

    How do you win over an angry woman? Or a suspicious tigress, driven crazy by jealousy? How do you turn her into a sweet, purring kitten? The Kama sutra is ideal after any argument; and the tigress position is especially perfect.
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